Mitch and Argo In Trouble: Part 3

The highwaymen were still clumsily moving about. What appeared to be the lead figure realized they had totally blown it. “Hey, you clowns forgot…” Too late. He was turning around just in time to see Argo punch him in the face. Argo quickly jumped out of the way as a hail of gunfire riddled the lead figure’s body. All manner of curses were uttered and gunfire quickly went in every direction from the incompetent gang.

The shooting stopped and the gang clumsily got up and started looking around as Argo jumped on one of them and elbowed him in the throat. Argo took the fool’s gun away with ease and sprayed at the remainder of the gang. The gang scattered about as the gunfire tore into them. Argo couldn’t tell what damage he had been able to do, but a huge figure knifed at him and Argo truly had no idea how he was able to get out of the way of it. He swung with the rifle butt and missed. The figure continued to attack. Argo noticed several figures about. “We got ‘em, boys.” Someone shouted. Argo wasn’t going down without a fight. Everything he’d been through, oh what an experience his life was, …gone just like that, by a couple of nothings that were now surrounding him. Damn! What a waste!

There was a loud yell from behind what Argo thought was the gang. It was familiar. Next thing Argo knew, MITCH was howling and swinging a sword. That son-of-a-bitch! GUNS weren’t permitted in the town, but it said NOTHING about swords! Mitch, you smart asshole! He must have had it in his long jacket the whole time! Argo finally realized what Mitch had been saying to him for years, …ALWAYS trust a good sword. Mitch was strong, with the stimulant, stronger, … and certainly a little crazy. But he was also pretty damn smart. And now faster and more dangerous.

Argo gun-butted the mysterious figure and took his knife as the figure fell. The drawback now was he couldn’t use the gun for fear of hitting Mitch. If he survived this he would learn everything he could about knives, swords, etc. Mitch was still loud and lethal but Argo knew it wouldn’t last much longer. He grabbed a figure and slashed at it’s throat. The next figure swung at Argo and hit him in the chest. The figure that Argo took the knife from was getting up. Somehow a figure hit Mitch dead on in the face. Mitch, obviously coming down from the stimulant, was looking like he would crash any moment. Argo stuck the knife directly in the strange figure’s chest and spun around to kick the original knife holder in the mouth.

Mitch was having trouble, the stimulant was wearing off and he knew it. He would crash very soon. The stimulant worked by energizing your own personal stored energy. Once it wore off, you were spent. Even though Mitch had plenty of “stored” energy already, it could only do so much. Unless he could find a way to wolf down a couple dozen donuts within a split second he was going down. Argo swung the knife at a figure and missed, the figure tried to shoot at him but was so close he couldn’t aim and get the shot off. Argo stuck the clumsy figure and hit square, he then used the knife to gut more of the figure and do some major damage. As the figure fell and Argo grabbed his gun, Argo turned around just in time to see Mitch crumple to the ground in exhaustion.

The last figure tried to get up but it was moot. Argo easily spun around and shot him before he was upright.

… Mitch slowly opened his eyes, as he laboriously looked around and saw he was lying in the foliage he moved with a start. Argo was putting the wheel back on the “sixer”, saw him and said “We’re ok. Good thing for us we know how to handle situations like that.” Mitch looked around at the carnage and took his time standing up, “You always were luckier than me too. If I was alone they would have been professionals and then it would have been REAL trouble.” Mitch kicked at a body. “Don’t worry,” Argo said, “While you were out I already looted them. Not much, but I would like Tash to take a look at this sniper rifle. It might be of some worth.”

Mitch got up and slowly looked around. “I would laugh at the irony, but it isn’t funny.” He said. “They try to rob us. But WE wind up taking what they have.” Argo nodded his head, “We were supposed to be on a fucking vacation.” Mitch helped Argo load up the “sixer” “I don’t think we should give them the decency of a burial.” “Best not to, someone might need to know about this.” Argo replied. “I really wish they hadn’t a done that.” Mitch said as he got into the driver’s seat of the “sixer”. “Same here, but we do have every right to defend OURSELVES,” Argo added.

Mitch started the “sixer” up and as he started driving off into the sunset acknowledged, “They choose it, but I still think it’s just a senseless waste of life.”

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