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Mitch and Argo In Trouble: Part 3

The highwaymen were still clumsily moving about. What appeared to be the lead figure realized they had totally blown it. “Hey, you clowns forgot…” Too late. He was turning around just in time to see Argo punch him in the face. Argo quickly jumped out of the way as a...

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Mitch and Argo in Trouble: Part 2

Several figures were shuffling about. They were nearly tripping over themselves in the lightly forested area. They had guns, and they certainly looked like they were up to no good. One of the figures was looking through binoculars and threw a hand out. He was waving his hand around, “Looks...

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Mitch and Argo in Trouble: Part 1

“Mitch and Argo in trouble” Argo was on the driver’s side tossing his rucksack into the back of the ‘sixer’. Mitch was drinking a soda, carrying his rucksack. This small burg was a nice diversion, Argo thought as he looked at the street. The buildings, for the most part didn’t...

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