Mitch and Argo in Trouble: Part 2

Several figures were shuffling about. They were nearly tripping over themselves in the lightly forested area. They had guns, and they certainly looked like they were up to no good. One of the figures was looking through binoculars and threw a hand out. He was waving his hand around, “Looks like we got something” One of the figures said. “Allright, a customer” another figure said. “Okay gang, we know the plan.” Said one figure that appeared to be the leader. The group then stumbled about and began taking up aggressive positions in the forested cover along the side of what appeared to be a road. A figure with a sniper rifle began taking aim.

Argo was still at the wheel. He was thinking on all that he, Mitch, Brenwood, Stanton and Bart (his “core”) had been through together. He looked at Mitch who was yawning and looked back at the road. He was thinking …“Think our stories will be made into a …” If he wasn’t a trained mercenary, he might have panicked, but then again if he wasn’t a trained mercenary he probably wouldn’t have noticed the flash of gun scope and ugly crack of a rifle shot headed straight for him. He immediately swerved to the left and the middle passenger side tire was suddenly out of air with a loud splat. Mitch was swearing “ What the…!!?” before he quickly realized, being a trained mercenary himself, that they were under attack. Argo tried his best but unfortunately with the loss of the middle tire, could only swerve and crash into a tree on the side of the road. It was a good thing Argo and Mitch had instinctively attached their seat/body belts. Both Argo and Mitch quickly unlatched their belts and jumped out of the “sixer.” They rushed behind the vehicle for cover.

“Son-of-a-bitch!!” Mitch howled, looking over the sixer, “What the fuck is this?” Argo looking over the sixer, and quickly jumping back as a bullet missed his head, “Highwaymen? … “ “Some things NEVER change” Mitch growled. “We were SUPPOSED to be on a FUCKING vacation!” “Guess THAT’S shot!,” Argo sarcastically, but with no intent of humor, growled back. “…and we’re unarmed too. What IS this?” Mitch continued, still looking forward, trying to see who or what was shooting at them.

Another shot rang past Argo’s head. “Well at least we know whoever this is, they’re not professionals.” Argo said. “I now know where they’re shooting from ’cause I saw the scope flash again.” “Plan? ” Mitch asked. Argo thought aloud, “One of us draws their fire and the other sneaks around and surprises them, while the other circles over and jumps back in from behind.” “Simple, but it might work,” Mitch said, “Besides I can’t think of anything else right now.” Several bullets rang out and hit the sixer as well as made Argo and Mitch duck behind it. “Allright,” Mitch started, “YOU always were a much better mover than me. So, YOU go left and try to sneak around, AFTER I, go right and try to draw their fire.” Argo looked at Mitch with an uncertain expression. Mitch said, “I’m hoping the foliage gives me enough cover to keep ‘em busy.” Mitch pulled something out of his pocket “Oh, looky here, … Somehow I managed to pack THIS in my pocket.”

Argo knew EXACTLY what it was. It was a stimulant pill. They worked, but you PAID for it later. They were best used for situations such as this. Mitch popped the pill and Argo knew the routine. …count 10-15 seconds and let it rip. Mitch bellowed at the top of his lungs, (He …was …LOUD!!), and darted and zig zagged as best as his huge body could move. He ran across the road, somehow managing to evade the bullets that came screaming all around him. (This trick probably wouldn’t work if these were professionals they were dealing with) Mitch made it to the other side howling all kinds of vile language and making a huge target of himself. Luckily the foliage gave him enough cover to avoid being hit. Argo then counted 1 to 10 himself and ran the opposite direction as Mitch. No gunfire went his way. “Yes!” Argo thought as he kept moving towards where he HAD to assume the attackers were.

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